This weekend LC hit the red carpets at VH1 Rock Honors in LA before flying to the Hamptons for a Svedka Vodka party last night, but that's not the most exciting part. To help celebrate tomorrow's announcement of the PopSugar 100 and her debut on the list, we're bringing you this exclusive interview with Lauren Conrad! After compiling over 20 million of your votes, the 2nd annual PopSugar 100 is almost here. It's been a huge year for LC between her friendships, fashion line, and hit TV show, this starlet is bigger and better than ever. We had a chance to chat with her about love, happiness, food, fitness and just about everything else. Check out our interview across the sites and be sure to be back tomorrow to see where she lands and see the rest of the list!

PopSugar: Can you describe some of the highlights of your past year?
I would say the biggest highlight is the launch of my line. I also bought my own house, which was exciting. The show is going really well, that’s nothing new but that’s been kind of exciting.

PopSugar: So going back through this past year do you think there are any lessons you have learned or something that you’re going to take away?
I think that in the past year I have really gotten a chance to see who my true friends are and who is going to be there for me, you know, no matter what? Like Lo is one of my best friends from high school, and Audrina obviously has always been there for me, and I think that when it gets to a point when it's almost too much that’s when those people are there for you.

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PopSugar: What has it been like for the show to have become so successful?
I think I have been pretty lucky that it happened gradually because the mood kind of started out pretty small and then it slowly got bigger, I mean none of us were really expecting it, it was crazy for us then, and since then it slowly escalated, but since it has been slowly it has been kind of nice. It allowed us time to process it.

PopSugar: Was there ever a time when you woke up and were like, “Whoa, this is all happening to me?"
Yeah, I think we had just graduated and the first season had just began airing and I was at a game with a couple of my guy friends and a little girl saw my friend Stephen and pulled out her inhaler. I think it was at that moment - it really freaked me out too, I was like I think we might have signed up for something bigger than we thought!

PopSugar: [Laughs] Did she recover?
Yeah she did, she was fine, but I mean it was weird to see someone have that sort of reaction to someone you have known your whole life.

On top of that Lauren answered that she thinks both George Clooney and Brad Pitt are "getting better with age," prefers Matt Damon to Ben Affleck (us too!), and her one word to describe Katie Holmes and Posh was "frowns". Here's so much more from LC: