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Celebrities Come Face to Face With Their Wax Figures!

Aug 10 2014 - 11:06am

Olivia Newton-John cozied up to her wax figure at Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas on Saturday. Complete with curly blond hair and a black leather jacket, Olivia's new double was inspired by her iconic portrayal of Sandy in Grease, which was released more than 36 years ago. She isn't the only star who has come face to face with her man-made double, as Jon Hamm [1], Kim Kardashian [2], Taylor Swift [3], Gwen Stefani [4], and even Sofia Vergara have all been on hand to debut their twins at various wax museums around the world, and, naturally, it always lends itself to hilarious photo ops. Click through to see celebrities confronting their wax counterparts, and don't forget to check out more celebrity wax figures [5]!

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Jon Hamm [10] took a selfie with his wax figure in NYC in May 2014.

Ryan Reynolds [11] celebrated his birthday in Oct. 2013 by meeting his wax figure in New Orleans, LA.

Sofia Vergara got playful with one of her wax figures on Wednesday in NYC.

Beyoncé showed off her wax model in the Big Apple in June 2005.

In October 2010, Taylor Swift [12] had us seeing double when she unveiled her wax twin in NYC.

Gwen Stefani [13] traveled to Las Vegas to show off her wax figure in September 2010.

Bradley Cooper [14] gave a big smile while posing with his wax portrait in July 2011 in Vegas.

The Spice Girls, including Victoria Beckham [15], got their own wax figures in London back in December 1999.

Justin Bieber [16] unveiled his twin in March 2011 in London.

In January, Katy Perry [17] mimicked her wax work's pose in Las Vegas.

Fergie [18] was excited to get her hands on her wax figure in September 2011 in Sin City.

Kim Kardashian [19] dressed up like her wax twin in July 2010 in NYC.

In December 2002, Justin Timberlake [20] posed with his wax friend in the Big Apple.

Colin Farrell [21] examined his blond wax double in NYC in November 2004.

Paris Hilton [22] took a few snaps in NYC with her wax figure back in May 2005.

In NYC, Dwayne Johnson unveiled his wax portrait in April 2002.

Betty White color-coordinated with her wax double during a June 2012 unveiling in Hollywood.

In September 1996, Naomi Campbell [23] came face to face with her wax twin in London.

Carrie Underwood [24] playfully posed with her wax likeness in October 2008 in NYC.

Heidi Klum [25] debuted her wax double in Berlin in January 2010.

Singer Cheryl Cole encountered her wax figure in NYC back in October 2010.

In May 2006, Celine Dion [26] examined her wax double in Las Vegas.

Olivia Newton-John was on hand to reveal her wax figure in Las Vegas in August 2014.

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