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Shailene and Ansel Bring Surprises to the TFIOS Tour in Nashville

May 9 2014 - 1:39pm

Nashville is known for its music, and the Fault in Our Stars [1] crew made sure to amp up the volume for the third stop on its fan tour. Nat Wolff kicked things off by surprising the thousands of young fans with a performance alongside his brother, Alex Wolff, showing off some new songs and older favorites. John Green, Ansel Elgort, and Shailene Woodley found an adorable and sneaky way to watch Nat's performance [2] while waiting backstage in the wings. Once the crowd — and cast! — were properly amped up from the concert, it was time to show off the footage and host the Q&A session.

The 2,000 fans at War Memorial Auditorium were equipped with inventive signs, infinite energy for cheering, and questions to keep the cast on their toes, literally; Ansel Elgort broke out his dance moves [3] when one excited fan asked him to share his secret talent. Even John Green had a tender moment when one young woman asked him who his "John Green" was growing up. The answer: his own parents and Kurt Vonnegut. Shailene was stumped when she was forced to choose who she felt closer to: TFIOS's Hazel Grace Lancaster or her Divergent character, Tris. Shailene's final answer was "Trazel," a cross between the two, who John quipped would be "superstrong and supersick."

The cast followed up the event by meeting with a few lucky Tumblr fans to close out the evening in Nashville. There's one more stop on the TFIOS fan tour, tonight in Dallas. Don't forget to follow POPSUGAR on Instagram [4] and Twitter [5] for exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at all the #TFIOSTour events, since we're along for the ride!

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