Felicity Huffman is not stopping at being just an actress. The award winning actress is now an author as well. She got a lot of support from the other DH while out promoting her new book A Practical Handbook for the Boyfriend in LA at Iconology. The ladies look like they're having a fabulous time off the DH set with their cosmos. The book is full of tips on relationships for both men and women. Here's more:

  • Writing which chapters cracked you two up the most?" 'Sex' and 'All Women are Crazy.' "
  • The handbook describes some really bad male behavior. Fact or fiction?"Every example we used is true but the names have been changed to protect the innocent. We both included ex-boyfriend horror stories."
  • You're married to actor William H. Macy. Did he ask you to take stuff out?"Yes! He thought some of the sexual overtones were too shocking.

The ladies of Wisteria Lane prove that friendship goes beyond being in character. Too bad Marcia had to miss out on the party. Lots more pics of Andrea Bowen, Teri Hatcher, Brenda Strong, Nicollete Sheridan and more so read more