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Fergie and Josh's Karaoke Love

Fergie and Josh's Karaoke Love

Fergie and Josh may not be engaged (so they say) but they already are acting like an old, married couple. Okay, more like a young, active married couple - but stay with me here. The secret to their relationship? Fergie says they always play fun and romantic activities together. Whether it's buying a rubber chicken, or just going for a jog, the two are definitely not having trouble keeping things interesting. Here's more:

We always do quirky romantic things," Fergie, 31, told PEOPLE Saturday at the 5th Annual Cadillac Super Bowl Grand Prix, where the singer, Duhamel, 34, and other stars raced go-karts for charity in Miami.

"It's not just Valentine's Day. Like we went to Cabo San Lucas, and we took a cooking class and we went fishing for marlin and mahi mahi."

And she's not the only one who can belt out a tune. "We sing karaoke. At his house, he has a karaoke machine," she said.

"Sometimes we'll sing really corny duets together when a couple of our friends are over. He does 'Total Eclipse of the Heart,' which is amazing. You've never seen anything like it. He gets into it. He's pretty good. He's better than you would think!"

Total Eclipe of the Heart is such a classic karaoke jam. No doubt she follows it up with some Like a Virgin. It seems like Fergie can do no wrong on the charts these days, so perhaps there will be a duet in the future. Love it - dare I say Fergie has grown on me. For more pics of Fergie at the MarketAmerica Super Bowl party and her latest video just read more









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