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Films Rocked Brad's World

Films Rocked Brad's World

Brad was spotted leaving the set of Burn After Reading yesterday while George was seen spending some down time relaxing on a break from shooting (hot gold necklace buddy). You guys decided that George is more irresistible than Brad, but we know that our lives would be a little empty without Mr. Pitt. In this week's issue of Parade, Brad gets real about how he got into the movie industry in the first place. Here's more:

  • "Saturday Night Fever was a big influence on me. I snuck in to see it when I was underage. It wasn't the dancing and the music I'm referring to, it was this culture of families who argued at the dinner table and popped each other in the face! It was this whole other way of people relating to each other that I found really interesting."
  • "Films were a portal into different worlds for me, cultures I had never seen before and was absolutely taken with. I was also taken with the power of films to define things for me that I'd not been able to define for myself. So I became an actor."

Well, we're probably speaking for almost everyone when we say that we're certainly glad that Brad became an actor. Besides, if there were no Brad, then Clooney would be in need of a new hot sidekick.






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