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Striking Photos Capture Colorado's Devastating Flash Floods

Sep 13 2013 - 1:32pm

Following six to 10 inches of rainfall over the past 24 hours, parts of northeastern Colorado have been dealing with powerful flash floods. The rains caused major creeks in the Boulder area to overflow, forcing the entire town of Lyons to evacuate and leading to three reported deaths [1] and about 20 people reported missing. Meanwhile, in nonemergency areas, people have gathered in the streets to float, bike, and splash through the flooded areas. Take a look at how Colorado is weathering the flash floods.

A woman watched as Boulder Creek rushed past her following a flash flood.

One little girl emptied out her rain boot after playing in the water.

A biker splashed through the street in Boulder, CO.

Kids played in the flooded streets of Boulder, CO, after nearly 10 inches of rain fell in 12-18 hours.

A flash flood sign stood near Boulder Creek, which overflowed following heavy rains.

A boy took advantage of the water with a dog pulling him on an inner tube through the streets.

People splashed around in the flooded streets of Boulder, CO.

A rubber ducky made its way through the flooded streets.

Floodwaters rose beside a house in Boulder, CO.

Boulder Creek overflowed after six to 10 inches of rain fell in just 12 to 18 hours.

People checked out the overflowing waters of Boulder Creek as they passed by.

Policemen and firefighters gathered to help people who were caught on the roads of Boulder, CO, after a flash flood.

A biker moved through the flooded streets as an onlooker snapped a picture.

Workers tried to clear some of the drainage that became clogged after the flash flood in Boulder, CO.

A boy floated through the flood waters with a dog.

Cars made their way through the flooded streets in Colorado.

A runner jogged along Boulder Creek in Colorado.

A man walked his dogs near Bear Creek, which flooded after heavy rainfall in Boulder, CO.

People took in the sight of a flooded park in Boulder, CO.

Sandbags were left along Canyon Boulevard to ease the flood in Boulder.

Cars made their way through flooded streets in Colorado.

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