French President Francois Hollande at the White House

Here's How the White House Welcomed the French President

Obama had a tough time keeping it together.

French President Francois Hollande made his way to America on Monday, marking the first state visit by a French president in almost two decades. Ahead of Tuesday's state dinner, President Hollande enjoyed a red carpet arrival at the White House, where he was welcomed by President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama in a big, flag-filled ceremony. The French president's romantic life proved a challenge for the Obamas this week. Hollande and then-partner Valérie Trierweiler were both invited to the state dinner by the US first couple, but in recent weeks, the French couple ended their relationship after news broke that Francois was having an affair. On Tuesday, though, the Obamas didn't seem to mind. There was some laughing, some side eye, and plenty of applause while the presidential pair stood at the podium. Before tonight's events — which French speaker Bradley Cooper will also be attending — take a look at how the White House welcomed President Hollande.