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That Time John Stamos Unzipped His Pants For the World to See

Jan 29 2014 - 10:20am

Well, that's one way to advertise! There's been a whole lot of buzz about the Full House actors reuniting for a Super Bowl yogurt commercial [1], and during the group's Wednesday appearance on Good Morning America, John Stamos created a stir of his own when he decided to show off his underwear. Have mercy! Looking into the camera, he unzipped his pants to reveal Calvin Klein [2] underwear adorned with pictures of the Dannon yogurt featured in the group's Super Bowl ad. When he wasn't stripping down, John linked up with Rihanna [3], who was also a guest on the show, and she managed to do one seriously epic photobomb. Take a look at his week with the rest of the Full House guys plus the trio's hilarious backstage antics on GMA.

Source: INFphoto.com [4], Instagram user johnstamos [5]

Dave Coulier and Bob Saget joked around with John Stamos during a night out in NYC on Tuesday.

Source: Instagram user johnstamos [6]

The group joked around during a Good Morning America visit.

Source: Instagram user goodmorningamerica [7]

While the group was on set, Rihanna [8] also had one epic photobomb moment.

Source: Twitter user GMA [9]

John and Rihanna [10] linked up on the GMA set.

Source: Instagram user johnstamos [11]

Looking to the camera, John started unzipping his pants . . .

. . . Only to reveal a pair of yogurt-themed underwear. Hey, sex sells, right?

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