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Celebrity Shenanigans Make Red Carpets Way More Fun

May 10 2014 - 3:02am

We all know what red carpets are for: posing for pictures, participating in interviews, and, of course, mingling with fellow actors. And let's not forget the occasional red carpet nostalgia [1] you get when you dig through the archives. Sometimes, though, we get to see celebrities let loose and have fun. Remember the red carpet tickle fight at the Catching Fire premiere in London [2] last year? What about all the hilarious photobombs from award season [3]? We're looking back at tons of red carpet fun from over the years, so keep scrolling and prepare to laugh.

Source: Getty [4]

Ryan Reynolds Copping a Feel at the Met Gala

Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock Choking Each Other

George Clooney Doodling on Ryan Gosling's Face

Ryan Gosling Returning the Favor

Jennifer Lawrence Photobombing Sarah Jessica Parker

Leslie Mann Grabbing Cameron Diaz's Butt

Ben Affleck Cracking Up the SNL Ladies

The Hunger Games Cast Having a Tickle Fight

Bradley Cooper Getting a Friendly Crotch Hug

Emma Thompson Photobombing Lupita Nyong'o

Jennifer Lawrence Checking In on Josh Hutcherson's Health Issues

The Cast of The Monuments Men Taking Paddington Bear Very Seriously

The Cast of That Awkward Moment Getting the Giggles

Susan Sarandon Going Barefoot

Shailene Woodley and Theo James Letting Loose

Emma Thompson Literally Running the Red Carpet — Barefoot

Leonardo DiCaprio Getting a Crotch Hug à la Bradley Cooper

Sacha Baron Cohen "Accidentally" Spilling Ashes on Ryan Seacrest

Sandra Bullock Breaking Down in Giggles

Jared Leto and His Oscar Photobombing Anne Hathaway

Emma Stone Stealing the Show From Literally Everyone

Jennifer Lawrence amd Josh Hutcherson Doing the Wave

Robert Downey Jr. Wearing Lederhosen

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