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George Clooney and His Crew Are a Merry Band of Misfits

Feb 14 2014 - 1:33am

The cast of The Monuments Men is having so much fun promoting the film this month that we almost forgot the movie centers around fine art, Hitler, and Nazi Germany. Notorious prankster George Clooney [1] and his costars — Matt Damon [2], Bill Murray [3], John Goodman, and Jean Dujardin — have been zigzagging the globe and bringing their boyish antics to numerous photocalls and red carpets. Most recently, the boys got silly during a premiere in Paris and randomly created a conga line [4] at the Berlin Film Festival. By the looks of it, you'd almost expect them to be doing press for a buddy comedy or an Ocean's Eleven reboot. Keep reading to see a timeline of the bro-iest moments from the Monuments Men promo tour so far.

Everything started out great; even Cate Blanchett was in on the jokes.

But then they all went along with Jimmy Kimmel's prank, and Matt got sprayed with a fire extinguisher.

George and John probably had a good laugh about that one.

Then, in Berlin, the boys started a conga line. Matt was in the front.

They conga-lined all the way to their press conference.

And at the premiere that night, John snapped lots of photos.

Even George was like, "Can you believe this guy?"

Then he moved on to making Matt laugh on the red carpet. Luciana couldn't resist cracking up either.

Jean fell asleep on Matt's shoulder. Maybe it was all the conga dancing?

Once the guys got to London, all bets were off. They couldn't even keep it together in front of a nude painting.

Bill drank Champagne at the UK premiere.

Then he twerked on a surviving "monuments man," who was in a wheelchair.

Someone made the mistake of giving these guys a Paddington Bear, which they promptly took silly photos with.

Don't worry — George got in on the fun too.

In Paris, everyone was feeling the love. Jean and John shared a hug, but George looked kind of jealous.

So he sent John away and cuddled up to Jean himself. Sorry, Matt.

Paris is just so romantic.

Later, at the Paris screening, someone threw the guys another Paddington Bear. But they took it in stride.

Basically, the Monuments Men cast is like a modern-day Ocean's Eleven — and we're not complaining.

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