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Our Favorite Funny-Lady Tweets of the Week

Jun 7 2013 - 3:26pm

It's almost the weekend, and you know what that means: time to get in some laughs with tweets from hilarious Hollywood ladies! This week on Twitter, Mindy Kaling wasn't impressed by the World War Z zombies, Mae Whitman asserted her feminine independence, and Anna Kendrick [1] had some thoughts about the bathrooms at The Arclight. Click through the gallery to pepper some laughs into your day.

Whenever your iPod is in a good mood and you also happen to be Rashida Jones [2], you know you're having a good day.

Seriously, Mindy Kaling [3] has a good point. Don't they have day jobs?

We've all had a moment like blogger Tavi Gevinson [4], except we usually receive looks of abject horror and disdain.

Watching a Vegas casino is kind of like watching a middle school graduation, right Kelly Oxford [5]?

We're sure Julie Klausner [6] would judge you even harder for Instragramming your post-workout smoothie.

We can think of worse forms of insomnia than comedy writer Megan Amram [7]'s Throwback Thursday anticipation.

Wow. Comedy writer Molly McAleer [8] really has it together.

Sarah Silverman [9] definitely knows how to party hard.

If Whitney Cummings [10] is a pathological liar, does that mean her episode isn't actually airing when she says it is?

Mae Whitman [11] inspires us to swear off boyfriends in the name of eating cartons of ice cream and not even feeling bad about it.

We're picturing Anna Kendrick [12], the dramatic score from Atonement, and a lot of slow-motion sobbing/peeing.

We're going to go ahead and say every person is that person, Chrissy Teigen [13].

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