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We Watched the Critics’ Choice Awards So You Didn’t Have To

Jan 17 2014 - 10:39am

There was so much fun at the Critics' Choice Awards in LA on Thursday night. Tons of the season's biggest stars showed up to the celebrate, the winners whipped out genius one-liners during their speeches [1], and there were more than enough Matthew McConaughey [2] impressions to go around. If you missed the festivities, never fear! We watched for you, and we've got all the best GIFs right here.

Source: Getty [3]

Sandra Bullock's Speech Was Interrupted by a Sound Byte

Leonardo DiCaprio Thanked His Parents . . . and Apologized

Tom Hanks Wasn't Sure Why David O. Russell Thanked Him

Jared Leto Did a Matthew McConaughey Impression

Jessica Chastain Did a Matthew McConaughey Impression, Too

Then Matthew McConaughey Did a Matthew McConaughey Impression, Because Duh

Sandra Bullock Thanked George Clooney For Ditching Her in Gravity

Lupita Nyong'o Won, and She Was Beside Herself in the Sweetest Way

The Boys of Supernatural Gave Us Two Hot Reasons to Swoon

Oprah Gave Lupita Nyong'o a Standing Ovation

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