The red carpet was overflowing with sexy men last night at the 12th annual GQ Men of the Year Awards. Obsession of the Year Hayden Panettiere and Diane Lane were lucky enough to be among the few ladies who got to mix and mingle with the big winners, which included James McAvoy, Casey Affleck, and Emile Hirsch. Cover boy Kanye finally felt up to making his first public appearance since getting back from Europe but sadly wasn't ready to walk the red carpet just yet. The party was abuzz with Oscar talk for the best male performance (Emile, Russell Crowe, and Clooney, to name a few), but Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen were more interested in throwing in their two cents about Katherine Heigl's recent Vanity Fair interview where she calls Knocked Up a sexist movie.

To see the not-so-nice things the boys had to say, plus lots and lots more pics of hot men like Chace Crawford and Channing Tatum and pretty girls like Emmanuelle Chriqui and Elisha Cuthbert, just read more

USA Today reports:

"I don't think the movie's sexist, I think there are characters in the movie who are sexist," clarified writer/director Judd Apatow, who hasn't spoken with Heigl about her comments. "Apparently Vanity Fair needs to sell some magazines. They've got to turn up the controversy. I'm sure when they get you talking for hours and hours, a couple lines taken out of context seem more interesting than they really are."

But Rogen, Heigl's co-star and the film's star, was more blunt. "We won A Women's Image Network Award; I picked it up myself," he reminded, adding, "I don't really talk to Katie."

Does that mean she's off his Christmas list? "Yeah, exactly. Oh yeah, like she was on it before."

Ouch! We know Seth Rogen has a sarcastic sense of humor, so maybe he didn't intend to sound so harsh about his co-star. Even so, it sounds like Katherine might want to watch what she says if she wants to hang on to her status as one of the most popular women in Hollywood.

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