David Beckham may have only played 13 minutes in his very first game with the LA Galaxy, but you would never be able to tell. Becks had some serious support on Saturday from his biggest fans, both big and small. Of course Posh cheered him on with their adorable boys, plus Mary-Kate, Eva, Katie and Suri (more on them later) were among the celebs that helped show the love as well. David himself was happy to get on the field and please the crowd, even for a short period of time. He said,

"My 15 minutes, it was nice to get out there. I haven't trained all week. I hadn't kicked a ball yet today. It was just nice to be out there with the lads and get this game over and done with. I enjoyed it."

As for the less famous soccer fans in the house, they made their feelings about having Beckham in America loud and clear: the entire stadium was chanting his name before David even had a chance to walk on the field.

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