The quirky cast of Juno and their friends came out last night for the Hollywood premiere of their movie. Jennifer Garner really took advantage of her night off Broadway by jetting to LA to to get glam and strike a pose with her costars. She and award-winning Ellen Page looked fab in their cute strapless dresses while Jason Bateman looked polished in his button down. Superbad's Michael Cera wore a tie but kept it casual with his coat on and Rainn Wilson buddied up with David Denman from The Office. Megan Fox also went casual but still manages to sex up the red carpet no matter what she does. Allison Janney also sparkled in her Winter-white suit. The indie flick opens tomorrow and Buzz had a chance to check it out so be sure to come back later to read her review. From what we can tell so far, this flick is definitely on our must-see list.

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