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Lady Gaga and More Feel the Love During Gay Pride Weekend

Lady Gaga and More Feel the Love During Gay Pride Weekend

Lady Gaga returned to the public eye on Friday when she made a special appearance at the NYC Pride rally to sing a stirring rendition of the National Anthem. Clutching a small gay pride rainbow flag, Gaga altered the song's original lyrics to sing, "Oh say, does our star-spangled flag of pride yet wave." She also gave a speech in favor of the recent Supreme Court rulings in favor of marriage equality and slammed the recent rash of anti-gay violence in the Big Apple. She said, "We are not a niche. We are part, a big giant part of humanity. It's time for us to be mainstream." She also led the crowd into a chant for "safe streets" and "enough is enough." Lady Gaga has been largely off the radar in recent months after she underwent hip surgery in February.

Lady Gaga's appearance kicked off gay pride weekend in NYC, but celebrations got a head start this week when the Supreme Court announced its rulings on Wednesday. Of course, the Gay Pride Parades in San Francisco and New York City on Sunday got an extra boost of fun thanks to the recent rulings. Click through to see all the events from the week.

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