George Clooney Gets His Passion From His Parents

After his trip abroad last week, George Clooney must have felt the need to see some of the most important people in his life — his parents Nick and Nina — for dinner out in NYC on Thursday night. There's something so sweet about seeing him with his mom and dad, who just look so proud of their son. Earlier in the day, George's parents were in attendance when he got very passionate speaking at the UN about his recent travels and the need to better equip the peace keeping forces in Darfur. He said,

"Either give them the basic tools for protecting the population [and themselves] or have the decency to just bring them all home...And go back into your offices and wait until it's all over...I am the son of a newsman, so the job of messenger comes with the responsibility to deal with facts, not to tell people what they want to hear, but to tell them what the truth is, unfiltered."

It's obvious to see where George gets his philanthropic and intensely moral side, which makes me love him even more. Plus, now we can see where he gets his good looks too.




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