George Clooney and Renée Zellweger teamed up for yet another magazine cover, looking friendly as ever but with a more clean-shaven Clooney. BTW, anyone recognize Renée's dress? These buddies have been having fun promoting Leatherheads from the Whistle Stop Express to the big premiere, but they're even more entertaining in their interviews. In Marie Claire, they kept the conversation to the movie and politics, with a quick Britney joke thrown in. Here are highlights:

  • Renée on the on-screen chemistry with George during the filming of Leatherheads: "Oh, there's a natural comfort there, absolutely. But I was terrified - I didn't want to be the one who sucked in his movie. You'd much rather disappoint somebody you're not going to see again."
  • George on Leatherheads' old-fashioned setting: "I have a great nostalgia for things that seem simpler. I know that they weren't. I'm sure it wasn't always 'the good old days' - people were dying of polio! I truly do understand the difference, but there was a clarity to the storytelling that I miss and I like. That's why I did Good Night, and Good Luck."
  • George on wanting children: "I did try to adopt Britney Spears - you know, somebody with some cash to take care of me in my old age."

We doubt that Oscar-winning Renée has to worry about holding her own on the big screen, even with George. As for Britney Spears — Clooney is ever the jokester and she may not be rich, but he actually did find a PYT to help him down the red carpet.