George Clooney and Stacy Keibler Pictures in LA

George Clooney Jokes Stacy Keibler "Can Kick My Ass"

George Clooney answered a question about The Descendants at a screening in LA.

George Clooney was without his current other half, girlfriend Stacy Keibler, for another screening of The Descendants at the LACMA in LA last night. Stacy did tag along for George's Tuesday night premiere of the film, to which she wore a very revealing dress and shared some PDA with her A-List man on the red carpet. At that event, Clooney joked with us that he should "adopt 20 year olds" instead of have babies of his own if he's ever looking to become a father, but for now he seems happy with his lady of the moment, Stacy.

Stacy was spotted leaving his place and heading to LAX yesterday, which would explain her absence last night, though she was still a topic of conversation during last night's Q&A portion. George joked about Stacy's past as a professional wrestler saying, "She's very tall. She can kick my ass. . . . She can take me two out of three falls."

Source: WireImage