George Is Not Loved by Many Michael Claytons

George Clooney kept it casual for a visit to GMA yesterday morning. No complaints here, scruffy Clooney seems like the most huggable of all. Michael Clayton may not be a big budget blockbuster or particularly fast-paced, but George is more interested in projects (and scripts) he loves these days than getting the big paycheck. He recently talked about some of his favorite parts of the project, and why it's making a few lawyers a little angry. Here's more:

HW: What scene in the film touched you the most?

GC: The love scene with Tilda [Swinton] [editor's note: there is no love scene]. It was so, so-o-o- good. The rehearsals .. she'd knock on my trailer and say, ""George, let's rehearse the love scene again.""

HW: This film takes a hard look at the legal profession. Do you expect any legal issues after the release?

GC: There's about five or six lawyers named 'Michael Clayton' who I've gotten letters from and they're not thrilled.

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HW: You had some amazing, biting one-liners. Did you have any input on those?

GC: No. I'd like to take credit for anything written. I believe I didn't veer from a single word. When a script is really well written it's actually very easy. The hard part is when it's not well-written and you have to try and find ways to make it work, or make up things or fill in little bits and pieces. I've really tried to say this one as written. I've had that experience a few times, where the script is really well-written and you're trying to serve the material.

HW: What of your own personality did you bring to the role of Michael Clayton? Did this character make you grow as an actor?

GC: Well, we're the same height. Pretty much the same hair [laughs]. You're hoping you're growing every time, but probably not, unfortunately. All it really does is give you something different to play. You're trying to grow and you never know if you are or not. The funniest thing is, you can be good in films if you have a good script and a good director, but you can be really bad! It's not necessarily actors. Ultimately if you don't have a good script or director, there's nothing you can do--that's the bottom line.

Even though he's always a jokester, it's obvious this is a movie that means something to George. That being said, there's no need for him to be so modest — he's as talented as he is handsome and that is saying a lot.



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