After spending a quality day at the OMEGA watch factory learning the trade, Clooney was representing at today's Toyko Ocean's Thirteen press conference. As usual, our flagship Manjoyment was looking dapper showing off why he deserves his place on Vanity Fair's Best Dressed List. At the premiere, George went from swoon worthy to awww-worthy talking about his (hot) Ocean's costars. Here's more:

  • On all the boys: "It's a great project to be involved in because I really care about all the people I work with. They're really great friends of mine. We've done a million other projects together besides the 'Oceans.' And it's a fun character to play. You won't see many movies in this day and age with that many big stars who are actively handing the spotlight to the people around them. They share everything with one another. They're not trying to grab the spotlight. It's a casual group. And I think that's the thing I loved the most about it -- how laid back everybody was."
  • On being the leader to Brad & Matt:"In terms of being the leader of Brad and Matt, I have some very compromising photos of them that I use as leverage to make myself the leader," Clooney said, once again raising a laugh as he added that he could not show the pictures. "There was a farm animal involved."

I literally cannot get enough of all those boys being such good friends. Here's to hoping their next group project is already in the works. Lots more of George and Jerry Weintraub so read more