After his scary Friday afternoon motorcycle accident, George Clooney stepped out in NYC last night for the premiere of Michael Clayton, arm in crutch with his girl Sarah. Broken toes aside, she looked mighty happy to be alongside her man - can't say I blame her. Along with George's costars in the movie a slick looking Brad Pitt, an ugh, why Kate Walsh and sexed-up (surprise, surprise) Ellen Barkin all came out. The night was about the movie, but the red carpet was most definitely for asking George about his accident. In typical George fashion he laughed it off with quips and jokes. Here's more:

"I'm a little dinged up – lots of Neosporin," Clooney told PEOPLE at the New York event. "I'm definitely not jogging or doing jumping jacks."

He added that he and Larson are "just resting."

"You don't really want to rub or massage parts that are broken or anything," he said.

It's good to hear that both George and Sarah are doing better after the accident - it could have been so much worse. Something tells me Sarah will take him up on those massages once she's feeling a little better.

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