Gisele Bundchen and Ben Park Pictures in Boston

Gisele Bundchen Strolls to a Boston Park With Ben

Gisele Bundchen visited a Boston park with her son Ben.

Gisele Bundchen checked her phone as she pushed Benjamin Brady to a Boston park today. Ben snacked on an apple before hitting the sandbox, where he rode the swings with his mom. Gisele and Ben visited the playground together last week too, as they kicked off the long holiday weekend. They're staying put on the East Coast while Tom Brady works out with his New England Patriots teammates. Tom mocked his "Boston accent" in a recent Funny or Die video, which also highlighted the fact that Tom is actually from California.

The official NFL preseason starts in August, but Tom and his family may also be gearing up for another development. Rumors that Gisele is pregnant with her second child started circulating recently, though the couple have yet to comment on the news.