Gisele Bundchen isn't a Victoria's Secret model anymore, but clearly her days of posing in her underwear are far from over. She stripped down to her skivvies and less for the GQ cover and sexy photo shoot featured in the July issue. While she's not afraid to show a lot of skin in her photos, she's more reserved about baring her soul in the article — but she does open up a little about her career, her reputation, and her relationship with Tom. Here are highlights:

  • On whether or not she has a "signature expression": "A photo is a story. Who will be this woman? Who will be wearing those sexy tops with boys’ underwear? I try to understand. Who is she? What kind of mood is she in? Like, whatever, I’m in my bedroom. I’m like, my boyf—"
  • On approaching men: "I’ve always been in serious relationships. I meet someone and date him for a long period. I don’t sit there thinking, like, 'I wonder if I can seduce that guy.' I have other things in my mind."
  • On the various rumors about her: "People are unbelievable. The other day a girl on my plane was pulling my hair. She was like, “I just want to check if—” This is all my hair, by the way. I did not have extensions, let me tell you."

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  • On the reports that she's the highest paid model in the world: "Do you think that’s important to me? Look, this is my job. I take pictures. There is no big deal. I would like to know who this reporter is finding out all of these amounts. And I would like him to talk to my accountant and figure out where is the cash that’s missing. Because I haven’t seen it."
  • On telling the Boston Herald that Tom Brady is "not too shabby" back in 2005 when shown a photo of him: "Look, I’m Brazilian. I had never seen football before. I’m freezing, and all I’m thinking is, when can I go back to New York City? I didn’t understand why they were all hitting each other. Now I do, but I didn’t. I just wanted to get out of there, so I’m just gonna say what you say to get out of a conversation. If he had been any other guy, I would have said the same thing. We met through a friend who knew us both for a long time. Believe me, I didn’t even remember [the picture of Brady]. Our friend knew that we would like each other. And we did. So I guess he was right."
  • On her relationship with Tom "I think we have a lot of things in common, and I think he is a really great person. He really, genuinely doesn’t have a bad bone in his body. And he is a very positive person."

Seems like Gisele is a bit defensive about her status and relationships, but we can't blame her since she's got so much of her personal life in the media. Then again, a few things are hard to believe — like where all of that cash is going.