Gisele Bundchen Named UN Environmental Ambassador

Pregnant Gisele on a Quest to Save Mother Earth and Fly High

Gisele was recently spotted nesting up in Boston as she gets ready for her and Tom's December arrival, but this weekend she was in NYC's Washington Square Park to take on a new job. The glowing supermodel was named a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Environment Programme. Gisele is thrilled about her role and said, "I have been working on environmental issues for a long time and agreed to become a Goodwill Ambassador to be part of a global and far-reaching organization. Now it's about action on a global scale to secure a healthy future for the next generation, wherever they live in the world." While Gisele was out doing good, Tom was in NJ for his game against the Jets which ended up being his first regular season loss since 2006. Gisele is also working on another new project — she is apparently taking helicopter flying lessons on her way to becoming a licensed pilot.

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Source: Getty