Gisele Bundchen Pictures Leaving Her Boston Gym

Gisele Bundchen Hits the Gym as Tom Brady Talks About His Long Locks

Gisele Bundchen on her phone.

Gisele Bundchen chatted on her phone this morning as she left the gym in Boston. She's hanging out in Massachusetts following a trip to home to Brazil, where she was busy last week doing a shoot in Sao Paulo. Now Gisele's reunited with her husband, Tom Brady, and their son, Benjamin, as the Patriots' football season gets under way. Tom broke from his practice and game schedule recently to attend a Boy and Girls Club event at the city's Ermenegildo Zegna store. While there, Tom Brady spoke about his long hair. He said of the often-controversial long locks, "I just like to change it up. I don’t take it too seriously. . . . [teasing a nearby friend] Look at this guy, same haircut for eight years. There might be some cute girls out there who’d want to see something different."