Gisele Bundchen Pictures Moving Boxes to Her New Boston Home

Gisele Bundchen Enlists a Friend to Move Boxes to Her New Boston Place

Gisele Bundchen is in the midst of a move.

Gisele Bundchen did some of her moving herself just a few days ago in Boston! She enlisted the help of a guy friend to bring boxes into from her old apartment, which she and husband Tom Brady just listed for $10.5 million, to their new home on Sunday. Tom couldn't help out personally, since he was busy working with the Patriots. He and his team played a home game against the Dallas Cowboys, and the Pats ended up winning 20-16. Gisele wrapped up her hauling in time to head over to Gillette Stadium to see Tom in action. An arm injury, however, caused Tom to skip out on a scrimmage yesterday. Tom was in the locker room to wish his squad well before they took the field.