Gisele Bundchen at Tai Chi Class Pictures in Boston

Gisele Bundchen Gets a Head Start on a Workout With Her Tai Chi Teacher

Gisele Bundchen going to the gym.

Gisele Bunchen ran into her Tai Chi instructor on her way to class in Boston this morning. She was up early for a workout session after running errands with her dog, Vida, yesterday afternoon. Gisele's back in Massachusetts with her family following a getaway last week to the Jamaica, where Gisele hit the beach in a bikini with her son Ben. The timing of her trip lent support to the rumors that Gisele's the face of the 2012 Givenchy campaign, stories that started when male model Noah Mills tweeted that he was heading to the Caribbean for the shoot. Gisele's latest gig may be a hot topic in the fashion world, but the Bundchen-Brady family will switch focus to Tom's football career this weekend as his Patriots take on the New York Giants.