Gisele Bundchen Wearing a Bikini in Costa Rica Pictures

Gisele Wears a Bikini With Baby Ben as Tom Preps For Play With the Pats

Gisele Bundchen and Benjamin Brady took a walk along the beach.

Gisele Bundchen broke out a pink bikini for an early morning swim with Benjamin Brady in Costa Rica on Monday. That amazing physique earned Gisele a place in the top 10 hot bodies of our 2011 bikini bracket. She's been a top contender in years past and is already getting a jump on her 2012 eligibility with her latest romp on the beach. Benjamin and Gisele are enjoying a tropical getaway while Tom Brady continues training for the upcoming NFL season. Tom, Gisele, and Ben spent most of their Summer hanging on the West Coast monitoring the construction progress on their dream home. Now that the NFL lockout has been resolved, though, Tom's back in Boston training with his New England Patriots and tonight will take the field in the preseason opener against the Jacksonville Jaguars.