Glamour's Women of the Year 2007 came together at NYC's Lincoln Center last night to celebrate each other. Jennifer Connelly's dress was a fabulous color while the first ever Girl of the Year, Abigail Breslin looked perfectly appropriate. Mariah performed for the big event while some of TV's finest doctors, Taye and Eric Dane (and Chief), were among the men out to honor all these fabulous ladies. The issue's cover girl Jennifer Garner celebrated her night off from Broadway and pulled off a dress that most women could not, but didn't walk the red carpet with Ben. In the magazine Jennifer talks about why that is. She said:

We’ve worked really hard not to be one of those couples who are constantly in the limelight. In the past we’ve both been the kind of people who go along with things—if you’re supposed to be photographed together, you don’t question it. But how does that help your relationship? So now we refuse to walk the red carpet together: It’s a way of not condoning the attention. Plus, it just feels silly to be in that situation with him: Ben was nominated for a Golden Globe [for 2006’s Hollywoodland]. I remember being photographed next to him and thinking, This is ridiculous. You’re not some actor; you’re my husband.

While I fully appreciate her persepective, I can admit that I would love to see them walk together every once in a while. Even (or as it turns out, especially) without, they're certainly one of the cutest and most real marriages in Hollywood. A big big congrats to all the wonderful and inspiring women both winning the honors and attending the event last night. Claps, claps.

To see all the other attendees from the event, including an adorably dressed Abigail Breslin, Brooke Shields, Kerry Washington, Hugh Dancy, Claire Danes, Diane Sawyer, Rashida Jones, Portia de Rossi and many many more just read more

Images include Abigail Breslin, Aisha Tyler, Ben Affleck, Brooke Shields, Claire Danes, Diane Sawyer, Hugh Dancy, Donna Karan, Gabby Karan, Eric Dane, Eva Amurri, Iman, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Connelly, Paul Bettany, Portia de Rossi, Rashida Jones, Shonda Rimes, Taye Diggs, Toni Morrison, Victor Garber, James Pickens Jr., Mariah Carey, Mariane Pearl, Stephen Colbert, Jill Stuart.