The Golden Globes are always known as one big party, but when the award show ends the real fun begins. The stars partied all night long and for many, the first stop was the InStyle and Warners Brothers party at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Cameron went from hanging with her newly single BFF Drew to flirting with her ex-co-star, Leonardo DiCaprio. Looks Like SJP and Molly Sims had a blast while those Desperate Housewives hung out together off the set. And yes, you can imagine the excitement when we saw Ashely Olsen smiling (more on that later since you know Molly is all over that).

Lots more parties to come, but in the meantime check out JT with his mom, MK, America, Christian Slater, the ladies of Desperate Housewives, Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn, Kristin Bell, Patrick Dempsey, Diddy, Zach Braff and many, many more so read more