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A Grain of Hope for Spider-Man 4

Tobey is hard at work on Spider-Man 3, resuming his role as the lovable and geekalicious Peter Parker/heroic Spider-Man. We were so bummed last year when Tobey announced that he was planning to hang up his Spidey suit for good after the third installment, but don't lose all hope yet. Lucky for us Columbia Pictures execs are negotiating with writer David Koepp to pen the fourth installment of the franchise.

They are just in the beginning of the process, however, and for it all to come together they would have to negotiate new contracts with Tobey, Kirsten, and James Franco. Tobey and Kirsten have already said they're keen to ditch the movie, but without the two main actors, it just wouldn't be the same. Just imagine how the Spidey fans will stand up and revolt - or at least blog and complain about it a lot on message boards. Believe me, it wouldn't be pretty. In the meantime, for more pics of Tobey on the set just read more








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