Guess Which Famous Mom Hit the Liquor Store?

It's Wednesday — time to play!

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Guess who picked up a little wine?
Pamela Anderson
Britney Spears
Gwyneth Paltrow
Kate Gosselin
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Guess who encouraged her son on the slide?
Kate Hudson
Kendra Wilkinson
Christina Aguilera
Julie Bowen
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Guess who took his bike for a spin?
Harrison Ford
Robert De Niro
Steven Spielberg
Tim Robbins
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Guess who checked in before a flight?
John Slattery
Balthazar Getty
George Clooney
Matt LeBlanc
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Guess who took in art with her man?
LeeLee Sobieski
Jaime Pressly
Chloe Sevigny
Mena Suvari
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