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Guess Who? 2009-04-01 17:30:52

Guess Who?

What's more fun than a guess who at the end of the day? Multiple guess whos — so get guessing!

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Guess who's at the park?
Lindsay Price
Jessica Alba
Bridget Moynahan
Rachel Weisz
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Guess who's walking to a helicopter?
Ashton Kutcher
Tom Cruise
Jake Gyllenhaal
Ben Affleck
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Guess who's acting shy at the airport?
Natalie Portman
Ashley Tisdale
Lauren Conrad
Audrina Patridge
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Guess who covered up during the protests in London on Wednesday?
Colin Farrell
Gavin Rossdale
Orlando Bloom
Russell Brand
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Guess who's covering his face?
Jason Bateman
Zach Braff
Tobey Maguire
Kevin Connolly
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Guess who's heading back into a NYC hotel?
Jennifer Lopez
Halle Berry
Kim Kardashian
Vanessa Minnillo
Guess Who?
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Guess Who?

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