Guess Who? 2009-05-12 17:30:18

Guess Who?

Time to exercise your guessing skills!

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Guess who's ready for dinner?
Jessica Alba
Angelina Jolie
Eva Longoria
Kate Beckinsale
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Guess who's handing out an award?
Audrina Patridge
Mila Kunis
Kristen Davis
Rachel McAdams
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Guess who's getting knocked around on set?
Chris Rock
Don Cheadle
Kanye West
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Guess who's getting into a car feet first?
Kristen Bell
Ashley Olsen
Sienna Miller
Hayden Panettiere
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Guess who's wearing a backpack?
Jason Bateman
Gerard Butler
Zach Braff
Matthew Broderick
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Guess who's in a hood for a walk with his girlfriend?
Enrique Iglesias
Kevin Federline
Mike Comrie
David Katzenberg
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Guess who's walking with their iPod?
Michelle Trachtenberg
Minka Kelly
Jessica Biel
Michelle Monaghan
Guess Who?
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Guess Who?