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Guess Who?

It's that time again — ready to take a guess who quiz?

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Guess who took a jog with his doggie?
Jake Gyllenhaal
Jerry O'Connell
Josh Duhamel
Ashton Kutcher
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Guess who's at the park with her little girl?
Jennifer Meyer
Amanda Peet
Rhea Durham
Jennifer Garner
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Guess who's getting a hug from Miley Cyrus?
Keith Urban
Justin Gaston
Joe Jonas
Billy Ray Cyrus
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Guess who's greeting the paparazzi with her curly-haired friend?
Lily Allen
Katy Perry
Kelly Osbourne
Jessica Lowndes
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Guess who's getting into her car?
Jessica Alba
Halle Berry
Eva Longoria
Bridget Moynahan
Guess Who?
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Guess Who?

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