Guess Who?

It's that hour of the day again — time to get guessing!

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Guess who's wearing black?
Jesse Metcalfe
David Archuleta
Casey Affleck
Taylor Lautner
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Guess who's going in for a hug?
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Naomi Watts
Kate Winslet
Sienna Miller
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Guess who has her hair up?
Kylie Minogue
Ellen Pompeo
Diane Lane
Felicity Huffman
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Guess who's walking around on set?
Vanessa Hudgens
Zoe Kravitz
Vanessa Minnillo
Demi Moore
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Guess who's getting her nails done?
Miley Cyrus
Tina Fey
Janeane Garofalo
Christina Ricci
Guess Who?
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Guess Who?