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Guess Who?

How about a little guessing fun before your weekend?

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Guess who's hiding behind a hat?
Sienna Miller
Mary-Kate Olsen
Kate Hudson
Hilary Duff
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Guess who's paying the valet?
Rachel Bilson
Jamie-Lynn Sigler
Jessica Szohr
Vanessa Hudgens
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Guess who's wearing layers?
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Jake Gyllenhaal
Kyle Howard
Patrick Dempsey
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Guess who's in a baseball hat?
Lauren Conrad
Jessica Biel
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Leighton Meester
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Guess who's putting on a jacket?
Kelly Osbourne
Scarlett Johansson
Sheryl Crow
Stephanie Pratt
Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: Week of May 24, 2009
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Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: Week of May 24, 2009

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