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Guess Who Had a Nice Lady in a Bikini Making Him Drinks?

It's Monday, so we threw in an extra question. Have fun!

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Guess who's getting attention from the girl in the pink bikini?
Jeremy Piven
David Arquette
Hugh Grant
Jeff Goldblum
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Guess who's wearing a tank leaving the gym?
Colin Farrell
Brad Pitt
Kellan Lutz
Channing Tatum
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Guess who's layering up?
Reese Witherspoon
Kate Bosworth
Claudia Schiffer
Molly Sims
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Guess who's in a red hat?
Jason Schwartzman
Jason Segel
Jesse Eisenberg
Michael Cera
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Guess who's out for a walk in LA?
Jason Statham
Bruce Willis
Billy Zane
Vin Diesel
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Guess who saw Jena Malone at the Vancouver airport?
Abbie Cornish
Kristen Stewart
Rachel Bilson
Kate Beckinsale
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