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Guess Who's Nestled in Alec Baldwin's Arms?

Guess Who's Nestled in Alec Baldwin's Arms?

Happy Monday! As a beginning-of-the-week treat, here's a super-sized edition of Guess Who.

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Guess who found herself wrapped in Alec Baldwin's arms?
Eva Longoria
Megan Fox
Eliza Dushku
Demi Moore
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Guess who felt the wind in her hair?
Lauren Conrad
Kate Hudson
Jennifer Aniston
Carmen Electra
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Guess who swung by the ATM?
Brad Pitt
David Arquette
Colin Farrell
Dax Shepard
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Guess who's hustling onto the scene?
Eva Mendes
Téa Leoni
Salma Hayek
Anne Hathaway
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Guess who's arriving for dinner?
Kristin Cavallari
Stephanie Pratt
Heidi Montag
Lo Bosworth
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Guess who's warm and ready to board?
Halle Berry
Victoria Beckham
Katy Perry
Penelope Cruz
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Guess who's snapping a photo?
Harrison Ford
Richard Gere
John Slattery
George Clooney
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Guess who paid the meter before exercising?
Gerard Butler
Dylan McDermott
Dermot Mulroney
Chris Noth
Pictures of Tom Hanks, Tom Brady, Tom Cruise
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