Guess Who's Shared a Ride on a Tandem Bike?

Guess Who's Riding a Bicycle Built For Two?

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Guess who's giving his lady love a lift?
Jerry O'Connell
Peter Facinelli
Ed Westwick
Matthew Perry
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Guess who stayed cozy in sweats?
Alicia Silverstone
Nicky Hilton
Gisele Bundchen
Kaley Cuoco
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Guess who stretched during a hike?
Ray Romano
Zach Braff
Ben Stiller
Patrick Dempsey
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Guess who showed off his hot rod pride at the park?
Kevin Smith
John Travolta
Jack Black
Vince Vaughn
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Guess who helped out a wheelchair-bound friend?
Jason Biggs
Mark Salling
Carson Daly
Adam Sandler
Guess Who Wore a Pink Kitty Cat Hat?
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Guess Who Wore a Pink Kitty Cat Hat?