Guess Who of Shirtless Celebrity

Guess Which Shirtless Guy Is Playing Catch on the Beach?

It's time to play! Are you ready to guess?

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Guess who's shirtless in the sand?
Hugh Grant
Pierce Brosnan
Tom Hanks
Paul McCartney
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Guess who's out at night?
Lindsay Lohan
Mischa Barton
Bar Refaeli
Whitney Port
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Guess who's wearing fur?
Kourtney Kardashian
Rachel Bilson
Vanessa Hudgens
Megan Fox
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Guess who's bundled up?
Diane Keaton
Meg Ryan
Blythe Danner
Ellen Barkin
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Guess who's carrying a book?
Paula Abdul
Eva Longoria
Janice Dickinson
Guess Who's Stopping by the Newsstand?
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Guess Who's Stopping by the Newsstand?