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Guess Who's Wet?

Guess Who's Wet?

We've already tested your knowledge of celebs at the beach and on boats, and now we want to see how much you know about those who look a little wet. From the ocean to the pool and even onstage, see how your knowledge of soaking celebs stacks up!

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Guess who wore his shirt for a swim?
Javier Bardem
Jake Gyllenhaal
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Matt Damon
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Guess who's leaving the pool?
Josh Duhamel
Sean Penn
Ben Affleck
James Franco
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Guess who's riding a wave?
Liv Tyler
Elle Macpherson
Bar Refaeli
Liz Hurley
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Guess who worked up a sweat playing hoops?
Robert Downey Jr.
George Clooney
Hugh Jackman
Ewan McGregor
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Guess who got slimed?
Vince Vaughn
Penn Badgley
Jason Bateman
Zac Efron
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Guess who's on his board?
David Duchovny
Ryan Phillippe
Matthew McConaughey
Adrian Grenier
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Guess who's wading in the water?
Jennifer Lopez
Katie Holmes
Mandy Moore
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Guess who posed in rain for the sake of art?
Brad Pitt
Tom Cruise
David Beckham
Ryan Reynolds
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Guess who's in a rainstorm on the set?
Katherine Heigl and James Marsden
Reese Witherspoon and Owen Wilson
Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt
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Guess who's getting wet and wild with his fans?
Shia LaBeouf
Jim Carrey
Peter Sarsgaard
Jude Law
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Guess who's chilling with Lance and Jake?
Matthew Fox
John Mayer
Orlando Bloom
Russell Crowe
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Guess who's wet and rocking out?
Keith Urban
Pete Wentz
Jared Leto
Johnny Depp
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