Guess Who Whipped His Hair Back and Forth?

Today we bring you a super-sized edition of guess who — good luck!

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Guess who whipped his hair?
David Beckham
Tom Brady
Ashton Kutcher
Jason Lewis
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Guess who read a book and worked on her tan?
Dina Lohan
Sheryl Crow
Julie Bowen
Ali Larter
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Guess who cut her hair really short?
Victoria Beckham
Mena Suvari
Selma Blair
Ginnifer Goodwin
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Guess who hopped into a dark vehicle?
Jonah Hill
Jack Black
Jason Alexander
Russell Crowe
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Guess who wore a furry coat?
Eva Mendes
Jennifer Lopez
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Guess who kicked off his shoes going through security?
Bradley Cooper
Jason Trawick
Gerard Butler
Mark Ruffalo
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Guess who wore a black sweater to travel?
Zoe Saldana
Joy Bryant
Eva Longoria
Thandie Newton
Guess Who From PopSugar 2011-03-04 20:49:23
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