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Guess Who's Working Up a Sweat?

Guess Who's Working Up a Sweat?

We are extremely appreciative of all the hard work Hollywood's hottest guys put in to keep themselves looking great, and we want to test your knowledge of how the stars get hot and sweaty. Last week was all about the hottest bachelors, and now we are looking at how all kinds of male celebrities — single, married, or engaged — choose to work out. Test your knowledge of these famous steamy guys and take the quiz!

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Who was working hard on the stairs?
Ryan Phillippe
Tom Brady
Mark Wahlberg
Ryan Reynolds
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Which actor gave his all at a recent reunion with his band?
Johnny Depp
Orlando Bloom
Jared Leto
Keanu Reeves
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Who exerted himself shooting hoops?
Gerard Butler
Hugh Jackman
Leonardo DiCaprio
George Clooney
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Who brought his dog along on a jog to the mailbox?
John Krasinski
Jim Carrey
Eric Dane
Jerry O'Connell
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Which actor went for a run without his equally fit lady love?
Josh Duhamel
Justin Timberlake
Penn Badgley
Josh Brolin
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Who needed a towel?
Kanye West
Denzel Washington
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Which dad took his shirt off for a tennis match?
Guy Ritchie
Gavin Rossdale
Tobey Maguire
David Duchovny
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Which TV actor keeps fit by surfing?
Joshua Jackson
Spencer Pratt
Mark Paul Gosselaar
James Van Der Beek
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Which athlete was too hot for his shirt?
Michael Phelps
David Beckham
Rafael Nadal
Andy Roddick
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Who rode around on a warm Summer day?
Jake Gyllenhaal
Brad Pitt
Patrick Dempsey
Vince Vaughn
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Who brought a friend along for a run?
James Franco
Liev Schreiber
Adrian Grenier
Matthew McConaughey
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Which singer was pumping iron?
John Mayer
Nick Lachey
Joel Madden
Keith Urban
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