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Lindsay Lohan Has Hooked Up With Most of Your Celebrity Crushes

Mar 19 2014 - 7:27am

Source: Getty [1]

Lindsay Lohan [2] is kissing and telling, but not the way you would think. The actress, whose new OWN docuseries, Lindsay, premiered last week, reportedly made a list of all the people she's hooked up with [3] over the years. The 36-name list, which included many censored names, includes some pretty famous Hollywood stars like Zac Efron [4], Justin Timberlake [5], Adam Levine, and the late Heath Ledger [6].

In Touch exclusively obtained the list, which was allegedly made recently while Lindsay was hanging out with a group of girlfriends at The Beverly Hills Hotel back in January. While we don't know exactly when any of the hookups took place, it's safe to say that a few of the guys on the list might be squirming a bit today — especially married men like Justin Timberlake and Jamie Dornan as well as Adam Levine and Evan Peters, who both have fiancées. What's more, after initially releasing a partially censored list, In Touch revealed more names this week, including Orlando Bloom [7] (whom Lindsay calls "Orli"), Ashton Kutcher [8], and Ryan Philippe. See the updated list below — which name surprises you the most?

Source: InTouch [9]

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