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Pregnant or Not, Gwen Stefani Makes Watching Soccer Look Chic

Sep 23 2013 - 6:30pm

Gwen Stefani [1] sat stylishly on the sidelines to watch her son Kingston Rossdale's soccer game in LA on Saturday. The No Doubt frontwoman was joined by her husband, Gavin, their 5-year-old son, Zuma, and the family dog, who sat sweetly with Gwen as she cheered on her soccer player from a chair in the grass. Reports emerged late last month that Gwen is pregnant with her third child, and her friend and former collaborator, rapper Eve, didn't do much to dissuade the rumors in a recent interview with Live Nation [2]. When asked if Gwen would be joining her on stage at an upcoming show, Eve replied, "She's preggers! I think she's chilling."

While Gwen and Gavin have yet to confirm that they're expecting, they recently rang in another exciting milestone. The couple celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary [3] just last week, and Gwen tweeted an adorable throwback photo [4] of the pair, adding, "Still the one."

Gwen Stefani [5] watched her son Kingston Rossdale's soccer game in LA.

Gwen Stefani [6] walked with her son Kingston Rossdale.

Gwen Stefani [7] sat on the sidelines with her 5-year-old son, Zuma Rossdale.

Gwen Stefani [8] relaxed while watching her son play soccer.

Gwen Stefani [9] and Gavin Rossdale [10] took in their son's soccer game.

Gwen Stefani [11] walked with her sons, Kingston and Zuma Rossdale, and their family dog.

Gwen Stefani [12] chatted with Zuma Rossdale.

Gwen Stefani [13] gave a thumbs-up to her son Kingston Rossdale.

Gwen Stefani [14] walked with her sons.

Gwen Stefani [15] cheered on her son Kingston at his soccer game.

Gwen Stefani [16] carried her dog.

Gwen Stefani [17] walked with her son Kingston.

Gavin Rossdale [18] chatted with his son Kingston.

Gavin Rossdale [19] watched his son's soccer game in LA.

Kingston Rossdale played soccer.

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