What's that I see on Gwyneth Paltrow? A candid smile, how exciting! Gwyn was uncharacteristically cheery out on the streets of London yesterday leaving lunch at Cipriani's on Mayfair. Perhaps it's being back in the UK that accounts for her good mood, though we all know she is deep down a Manhattan baby and is maybe (jokingly?) looking for a Brooklyn baby to love. Though, after last month's NYC health scare she may already have another one on her hands. One of the bartenders at Socialista where Gwyneth helped Ashton Kutcher celebrate his 30th birthday was diagnosed with Hepatitis A. As a result, all the A-Listers in attendance (and other club-goers) were recommended to go get vaccinated just in case. After those NY health messes, no wonder she looks so happy to be back overseas.