Gwyneth Paltrow has been all over the world in the past year, from the Oscars in LA to shooting her TV special in Spain with stops at her London home in between. Now she's in Manhattan filming Two Lovers with Joaquin, but we've been wondering where her off-screen man, Chris Martin, has been. While the media has turned their lack of public appearances together into rumors of a split, Gwyneth's rep has confirmed that these two are still going strong and haven't been having any problems. Apparently these two make it a priority to keep their relationship out of the limelight which is very different from Gwyneth's failed public relationships of the past. Maybe now Gwyn knows the secret to making a celebrity marriage last.

Jennifer Garner recently expressed a similar opinion about trying to keep her relationship with Ben Affleck as private as possible and we can't say we blame them. We do wish, however, that Gwyn and Chris would treat us to a public appearance every now and then, even if only once a year.

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Source, Splash News Online